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Case Study: Skullcandy

Skype for Business and Cisco endpoints







Industry: Consumer Electronics

Vendors: Skype for Business, O365

Gateway/MCU: Pexip

Endpoint: Cisco

Number of endpoints: 50



Figuring out how to join external meetings from Cisco endpoints was a major cause of user frustration at Skullcandy.

This case study shows how Synergy JOIN solved this problem. 


"We got this up and running in 5 minutes and it works GREAT! We are STOKED!"

Yohan Beghein
Director of IT – Skullcandy


Skullcandy lives by its mission to inspire life at full volume through forward‐thinking technologies and ideas, and leading-edge design and materialization. Skullcandy designs, markets, and distributes audio and gaming headphones and other accessory-related products under the Skullcandy and 2XL brands.

With 350 employees in 5 locations globally, Skullcandy is using Skype for Business (S4B) at the desktop and Cisco video conference systems in the meeting rooms.



The main challenge was user frustration in regard to the complexity of scheduling and joining video meetings. Employees at Skullcandy experienced that they were not able to start the meetings on time, due to technical barriers such as mistyping of meeting-ID. 

For every meeting, they had to find their emails or write down on a piece of paper, the meeting ID. This was both time consuming and frustrating. 



With Synergy JOIN, users can join the video meetings from anywhere - with one click to join.
Meeting invitations with simple and intuitive call-in details are provided automatically every time a user book a meeting.



According to Yohan Beghein, Director of IT at Skullcandy, Synergy JOIN was up and running in no time. "The installation was super easy, it only took few minutes and on top of this the resource required by the service is really minimum", he says.

For Skullcandy, the running of the meeting server has been reliable, and the only maintenance that they have done has been the usual server patching and applied the latest updates.



"Now, they are just walking to the room, press the one button that represents their meeting on the touchpad, and done. It's a much better experience and fewer calls for our helpdesk team." Beghein says.

Skullcandy started using Synergy JOIN for S4B meetings first, but after the great user adoption, they decided to extend it to the rest of the meetings too (zoom, webex etc.). Now it's the same experience - "one button to push" - for any meetings they join   

"What I really like is when we rolled out, it was really seamless for the users and required no training. I can't imagine going back to the old way."

Skullcandy can now focus on what they do best; create world-class audio- and gaming products. People and teams spread out over locations and time zones do not have to worry about which technology or room they need to book for virtual video meetings

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