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Support > FAQs > Windows JOIN 5.0 to Synergy SKY Management Suite Migration - VMRs

Windows JOIN 5.0 to Synergy SKY Management Suite Migration - VMRs


This document outlines the process of migrating data from Windows JOIN 5.x to Synergy SKY Suite.  This is to be used if you have VMRs running.  The purpose of this is to insure consistent meeting spaces that are already provisioned for future meetings. 


Windows JOIN is End of Support as of January 31st, 2022


  • Windows JOIN 5.x
  • Synergy SKY Suite 2.2+ Server Deployed
  • VMRs - CMS, Pexip or Static 
  • Separate Online License 
    • Do not reuse the Windows JOIN License, as it's possible to lock out
    • Synergy SKY SA/SE can provide a temp license to facilitate the transition  


Synergy SKY Platform Configuration

The Synergy SKY product has been deployed and running in a virtualized environment and the basic platform configuration has been completed. If this requirement is not already fulfilled, please start here.

Previous JOIN 5.0 Installation

Ensure your Windows server is running JOIN Version 5.x. If you are currently running an older version of JOIN(3.2, 4.0, 4.1), you must upgrade to JOIN 5.0. Current CONTROL/ANALYZE version does not matter.

This is typically located at http://localhost:555

Ensure that your Synergy SKY Suite server can reach port 5432 on your Windows server


IP address of Synergy SKY Suite

Provided in the previous step. Used to access the Suite and import the configuration file.

JOIN Database opened to external connections

Allows the Software to pull config & database from your previous JOIN installation. Step-by-step guide here

Configuration Reference

For more details related to each of the configuration pages in this guide, please refer to the Configuration Reference.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Ensure that the JOIN application is running in your Synergy SKY Suite environment:
    • Go to CONFIG TOOL > Configuration Versions and verify that the time stamp for Synergy JOIN is no older than 3 minutes


  2. Stop the JOIN service on your JOIN 5.0 Windows server

  3. Open your browser and go to https://<Synergy SKY Suite IP>/config/join/import-external (Note: This is a hidden page and must be typed in directly to access)


  4. Fill in the following details
    • Host: The IP address of your JOIN 5.0 Windows server
    • Port: 5432 (unless changed from the default configuration)
    • Username: username for the JOIN 5.0 database user, likely to be set to "postgres"
    • Password: password for the JOIN 5.0 database user, likely to be set to "postgres"

  5. Click IMPORT and wait. During the import you will see progress messages, and a full log of the import is shown afterward.

  6. Check that the configuration of the Synergy SKY Suite is correct. When you are happy, publish the current configuration by going to https://<Synergy SKY Suite IP>/config/Config-Tool/Configuration-Versions. Please refer to this how to guide for more information.


Next Step

You have now completed importing your config to the Synergy SKY platform and are ready to start booking meetings. For help making any adjustments to your now-current configuration, please review our How To guides that describe how to further configure the platform.

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