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Support > FAQs > Windows JOIN 5.0 to Synergy SKY Management Suite Migration

Windows JOIN 5.0 to Synergy SKY Management Suite Migration


This document will outline the process to migrate off Windows JOIN to Synergy SKY Suite.


Windows JOIN is End of Support as of January 31st, 2022



  • Windows JOIN 5.x
  • Synergy SKY Suite 2.2+ Server Deployed
  • No VMRs
  • Separate Online License 
    • Do not reuse the Windows JOIN License, as it's possible to lock out
    • Synergy SKY SA/SE can provide a temp license to facilitate the transition  


Build out Synergy SKY Suite and run validation on a few rooms to confirm workflows is working as expected, this will insure that all network paths are workings so when the migration happens, all other rooms will work

  1. Login to Windows JOIN 5.x
  2. Login to the Synergy SKY Suite

From Here 
  • Suite will be in the process of indexing, what to expect and how to monitor
    • Room Count, Total Meetings and Exchange API will determine the time frame for this to happen, approx time:
      • 100 Rooms, Graph API -> 60 Mins
      • 100 Rooms, Exchange Online EWS API-> 5hrs
      • 100 Rooms. Exchange On Prem, EWS API-> 120mins

    • Monitor Synergy CONTROL, as meeting populate this will indicate the indexing is finalizing
    • Log will show when index is 100% complete, 
      • mceclip4.png
      • Total meetings in db: X
        • This log entry means indexing is complete and testing can occur to confirm workflow

Windows JOIN

If there are no VMRs, you may run both Windows and the Suite at the same time for a short period of time. Once indexing is confirmed, Windows JOIN services should be disabled:mceclip5.png


Migration is complete! 

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