Synergy SKY Sensors

Why you need sensors in meeting rooms?

Your meeting rooms are about to become more important than ever


  1. Less international travelling for business meetings will result in higher utilization and booking of meeting rooms

  2. Sensors will enable easy usage, control, and automatic release of meeting rooms that are booked but not in use

  3. Users will require simple ways of scheduling and releasing rooms as they shift between home office and in-office meetings.


Read more about the Synergy SKY Suite – a platform-independent software solution for optimized video conferencing and meeting rooms


With the Synergy SKY Sensors you can now enable smart features in your meeting rooms. In order to prepare for the return to the office, we offer all your Synergy Sensors.


By equipping your meeting rooms with Synergy SKY presence sensors connected to the Synergy SKY management suite you get:

  • Auto check-in to booked rooms

  • Auto-release of booked but empty rooms

  • Insight to actual room utilization reports

  • Studies show that ghosts occupy your meeting rooms by up to 30%. Free up ghost meetings and enable utilization reports to improve your organization's future behavior

Equip your rooms with sensors today

With the Synergy SKY management suite you make life easier for your IT department and for your users. 

Synergy SKY Sensor 1


Enable analytics and auto-release in your non-video rooms with the Synergy Sensors. 


With the Synergy Sensors you get:

  • Freed up space with automatic release of booked rooms if no one enters the meeting room before a given time

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Insight in meeting room trends and utilization with sensor information

  • Security: With Synergy SKY you own the data


..In addition to the Synergy SKY management suite features: 

  • Check-in to rooms 

  • One-Touch to join virtual meetings

  • Record and stream meetings

  • No-show detection

  • Automatic Room Release

  • Control virtual meetings

  • End of meeting alerts

  • Analytics for meeting rooms and video meetings

  • People-count


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