Free Synergy SKY Meeting Server

Instead of manually connecting video conference systems to Skype For Business meetingsā€¦

Joining a meeting using Skype is easy, but the Video Conference user has to dial the meeting address from a video touch pad or a remote control. It may not even be possible to dial the address from an endpoint if the meeting is hosted in Office365 (Skype Online). Automating the connection process is therefore of great value to organizations.


  • One-Button-To-Push for Cisco endpoints
  • Click-To-Join for Polycom endpoints
  • Supports Pexip, Cisco CMS and StarLeaf cloud
  • Auto Dial Out to other endpoints
  • Creates One-time VMR meetings when greater privacy is needed
  • Enable One-Click-to-Join from video endpoints in Skype4B, WebEx, Spark, and VMR meetings
  • Forward external Skype4B invitations to video systems

Free Synergy Meeting Server for up to 3 video systems
Limited service and support

Server requirements Windows Server 2008 r2 64 bit (or newer)


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