Case Study: Coty

Skype for Business, O365, Cisco endpoints, CMS - and external users


Industry: Global Beauty Leader
Calendar: Outlook, O365 
Gateway/MCU: CMS
Endpoint: Cisco Room Series, Skype for Business 
Number of Endpoints: 135

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Coty uses Synergy SKY to make video meetings easy for the business and to utilize their technology investment in video

With Synergy applications Coty improves the ROI of their UC while reducing the need for support and streamline their ease of use of video meetings

"Synergy SKY takes the worrying out of video meetings…it just works"

Richie Lodato

Manager, Global Collaboration Services


At our partner event in Oslo Richie Lodato, Manager of Global Collaboration Services, from Coty shared how they have unified both the admin and user experience for video show event and beautiful young woman at piste walking in luxury dress-2


Coty Inc. is an American multinational beauty company founded in 1904 by François Coty. With its subsidiaries, Coty develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, nail care, and both professional and retail hair care products. Coty owns around 77 brands like Gucci, Burberry, Boss etc. 20 000 employees all over the world.


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Benefits of Synergy JOIN

  • One-click-to-join in S4B meetings with Cisco and Polycom endpoints

  • Forward S4B meetings to video meeting rooms

  • Use Outlook or Google Calendar to schedule - no plug-ins

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With CMS and Skype for Business in O365, and a mix of incoming and outgoing meeting invitations to different meeting platforms Coty wanted to solve these challenges:  

  • From Skype for Business there was no way to enter Skype meetings from meeting rooms with Cisco video endpoints (SIP).
  • For external participants they wanted an easy way to invite and connect them into meetings.
  • Get one consistent user experience for all meetings. Get the same behavior for all meetings; Skype invite, add (video) room and one click from desktop, mobile or room.
  • Get one central point of call management for the admin. When they have multi-site call nobody could manage it, people come late, forgot to mute and lock executive meetings for illegitimate callers.
  • Get consolidated call statistics and flexible reports. There was also a desire to know more about which devices was used, where and when.
  • And finally there was a challenge with user adoption due to the complexity 

From our first talks to a successful POC, we were successfully utilizing Synergy JOIN within a month



Coty did some research and came across Synergy SKY.  

“From our first talks to a successful POC, we were successfully utilizing Synergy Join within a month.  All done with great assistance from Synergy SKY” says Richie Lodato. Coty has now deployed Synergy JOIN, CONTROL and ANALYZE.

Now everyone books their meetings in Outlook utilizing the Skype for Business invite and starts them with just one click from anywhere. Not changing the behavior for the user. 

The challenge for external participants to join Skype meetings from video systems (SIP) was solved by shortening the external link (URI) and a Coty-customized user-friendly calendar invitation.

Synergy JOIN now allows them use immersive telepresence rooms, Cisco IX5000, with one button to push.

Synergy JOIN is intuitive and simple, and all it took to train all employees was just a one-pager. Users use Outlook for all meeting related situations like: scheduling, extending, adding rooms, canceling meetings etc. They do not have to think of technology before they schedule meetings.

With Synergy CONTROL our administrators have gotten a single pane of glass to monitor all calls and assist the users when needed. This has proven high value especially to our senior executive calls.

Synergy ANALYZE gives them reports that are so flexible that they can make them any way they want. They can now see who, where and what is trending in usage, like which office video endpoint is using more Skype VS traditional video conferencing. A bonus is that they can see which locations need more video and plan for network improvements etc.


"With little efforts and a few applications we improved call flow and usage while protecting our investment in Cisco rooms and Skype for Business video interopability" concludes Richie Lodato






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