The only service you need for connecting SIP video devices to Teams, Google and Zoom meetings.

Synergy SKY is proud to announce that we're extending the video interoperability support to all Zoom and Google meetings in CONNECT, making this product the most flexible and feature-rich SIP to web gateway on the market.


Get the best user experience:  

Award winning interoperability for both scheduled and ad-hoc meetings  
Connect from any SIP device to all Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams meetings   
Meeting room users: No change in workflow no-matter which meeting platform you connect to 
Read about how Synergy SKY currently enables you to have Teams meetings from your SIP video endpoints here.

A proven patented solution

Adding support for Google and Zoom in Synergy SKY CONNECT is the natural progression for our patented SIP to web gateway which started with Teams support in 2022. Enabling your SIP device to connect to all three major platforms, back to back.



SIP, probably the best video conference device in the world!

  • Connect to ANY web meeting - today and in the future

  • Full presentation sharing capabilities

  • Use with native Outlook / Google Calendar for scheduling

By adding Synergy SKY CONNECT to your network.



The multi-vendor gateway
(SIP to Teams, Google Meet & Zoom) 

Watch the recording to:

• Get a live demo of our updated gateway
• Understand the technology powering our patented solution

Watch the Video


Get unlimited access to test Synergy SKY CONNECT interoperability between SIP and Teams, Google, and Zoom on your own Cisco / Poly video device for one week.