Case Study: Statkraft

Skype for Business and Cisco endpoints


Industry: Energy
Vendors: S4B, Exchange
Gateway/MCU: Pexip
Endpoint service: Cisco (and Evoco panels)
Number of Endpoints: 180

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Statkraft needed a uniform way to schedule and start all video meetings with one click.

This case study explains how Synergy JOIN made this possible

"It works in every room - every time!"

Vigleik Lokensgard

Head of IT Operations - Statkraft


Statkraft AS is an international power company and Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy. The company produces both hydropower, wind power, gas power and district heating, and is a global market player in energy trading. Statkraft has 4200 employees in more than 20 countries and is wholly owned by the Norwegian state.

Statkraft are using Skype4B as default, and meetings are scheduled in Outlook Exchange. The meeting rooms have Cisco endpoints with Evoco room panels and their MCU / GW solution is Pexip on-prem. 



Benefits of Synergy JOIN

  • One-click-to-join in S4B meetings with Cisco and Polycom endpoints

  • Forward S4B meetings to video meeting rooms

  • Creates One-time VMRs with Pexip

  • Use Outlook or Google Calendar to schedule - no plug-ins

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For Statkraft, video is a business critical communication and collaboration channel. Every day, about 30 000 minutes is spent in video meetings. There is not much room for failure.  All employees are responsible for their own video meetings and there is no video administrator. That is why it is important that the technology used for video collaboration is easy to use, which wasn't the case. 

Statkraft needed a simple way to call into Skype meetings from video rooms, and one consistent way of scheduling and starting video meetings. In other words: having the same procedure wherever you are. 



Statkraft's goal - to help meet the world's demand for clean energy -  require seamless video conferencing across all offices, and that’s where we fit in with our solution: Synergy JOIN. 


According to Dagfinn Nuth, consultant at Statkraft, deploying the software was quick and simple: "Installing Synergy JOIN was easy" he says.

Statkraft ran a POC with support from Jan Racansky, one of our saels engineers. After that, there hasn't been any further need for support. "Updates run smoothly" Nuth says.


Employees love the "green button" and don't miss the hassle of having to find conference ID etc. to join a meeting.  

Statkraft can now focus on what they do best; producing clean energy, for a greener future. 


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