Case Study: MONSTER

Skype for Business and Polycom endpoints


Industry: Consumer Electronics
Vendors: S4B, O365
Gateway/MCU: Pexip
Endpoint service: Polycom
Number of Endpoints: 50


When MONSTER was going cloud with O365 and Pexip, there was no logical way to join Skype for Business meetings from older Polycom systems.

This case study shows how Synergy JOIN solved this problem. 

The way it works is genius - it's so simple! Synergy JOIN was exactly what we needed

Lee Sullivan

Principal Systems Engineer - MONSTER Worldwide


MONSTER is a pioneer and global leader in online recruiting, operating in more than 40 countries with more than 4,000 employees.

MONSTER uses Skype for Business (S4B) and video conference systems from Polycom for internal and external meetings. Monster has a cloud strategy and recently moved Exchange from on-prem to O365. Their former on-prem MCU / GW solution was swapped with Pexip Infinity cloud. 



Benefits of Synergy JOIN

  • One-click-to-join in S4B meetings with Cisco and Polycom endpoints

  • Forward S4B meetings to video meeting rooms

  • Creates One-time VMRs with Pexip

  • Use Outlook or Google Calendar to schedule - no plug-ins

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After migrating to Pexip Infinity cloud, MONSTER started to face problems in regards to joining S4B meetings from their older Polycom endpoints.



MONSTER's vision - to be a leading digital platform connecting jobs and people - require seamless video conferencing, and that’s where we fit in with our solution: Synergy JOIN. 

With Synergy JOIN, Polycom VSX and HDX can join O365 meetings using Skype Online IVR. Just enter conference ID and you are connected.

Green buttons to endpoints internally for Skype4B meetings and for external users (B2B/Partners), provides a SIP URI to that Skype4B meeting.


According to Lee Sullivan, Principal Systems Engineer at MONSTER, the installation process was very straightforward: "Synergy JOIN was up and running in no time" he says.

They had to issue a few support tickets, but they were all solved within an hour. "Since the deployment, there hasn't been a single technical problem"


After deploying Synergy JOIN, the users are now able to just walk into the video meeting room, press the green button on the touchpad and they're in. 

There has been no feedback from the users, which, according to Sullivan, means things are working as they should. 

"Synergy JOIN solved the video conference challenges we had 100%. If the users remember to invite the room, they can just walk in and join" he says. "We also have less support inquiries after migration to Pexip and Synergy JOIN. All in all, we are very happy with this solution".

MONSTER can now focus on what they do best; connecting jobs and people, without having to worry about which technology or room they need to schedule for virtual video meetings.




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