We are happy to announce our newest partnership in the US: Adtech Systems. 

Adtech Systems was founded in New England in 1988 and as such, their involvement within the AV industry goes a long way back. Their high degree of expertise and knowledge inspired us to pursue a partnership with them. 

Adtech has successfully enrolled in the Synergy SKY Partner Program and is now a reseller of our ever-growing product, Synergy JOIN. Adtech believes in our product so much so that they chose to install and deploy Synergy JOIN in their own office. So far, Adtech Systems' experience with Synergy JOIN has been very positive. Here are a few comments that we have received from one of the users at Adtech Systems:

"With only a simple email and zero training, our employees have been regularly using it" says Patrick Panaggio, Collaboration Solutions Architect at Adtech. 

"Then it shut down due to an expired license. People realized real quick how much they missed the Join button"

He adds: "I have not needed to touch the product since the configuration was completed.  It just works.  Great to see a product work as advertised".

Adtech Systems' core purpose is: Work Well Together. We are looking forward to working together with Adtech, and we are confident that we will build a strong, productive relationship and contribute to each other's success.


Charlotte Vermedal

Written by Charlotte Vermedal

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Synergy SKY

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