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Synergy MANAGE 4.15

By Mark Dumas on Feb 18, 2019 10:15:12 AM

Is it February already?  Time flies when you’re having fun.  It’s been just over a month since the Synergy MANAGE team has released version 4.15 and we’ve had nothing but stellar feedback on the new improvements. 

The latest flurry of enhancement for Synergy SKYs flagship product touches the user experience, workflow, report accuracy and convenience. Specifically, the addition of the Concierge feature in the Meeting Portal, allows for supplemental information to be appended to the meeting details. This provides a much-needed place to document those intangible details that make or break a successful meeting experience.  Another favorite is the possibility to now see all the scheduled reports from the Web Admin portal.  This highly sought-after improvement adds visibility and transparency into the automatic report distribution aspects of the platform. Lastly, MANAGE 4.15 brings a powerful call matching component to the product that improves report quality by leveraging a regex engine to match unidentified calls with known URIs. These are but a few of the changes brought forth by this latest version. 

To get a full list of all the improvements in Synergy MANAGE, please see https://support.synergysky.com/release/4.15release.htm

Mark Dumas

Written by Mark Dumas