Synergy JOIN now also supports StarLeaf, making it easy to schedule Skype4B video meetings and join in one click from Polycom and Cisco video endpoints.

People tend to like things when it’s easy and stay away if it’s getting complicated. Together with StarLeaf we make the workflow from scheduling to joining seamless and intuitive.

We utilize the inbuilt Skype4B button in Outlook and native green buttons on Cisco and Polycom endpoints. In this way, we don’t introduce new procedures to the user.

Another hurdle we remove is when you receive an external Skype4B invitation you can simply forward it into your preferred meeting room and join with one click.

Now Synergy JOIN can be used to enable Cisco OBTP/Poly OTD for the following scheduled meetings: Office 365, Skype for Business on-premises, StarLeaf Cloud

Try it out today at no cost and obligations. Get your own freemium copy that supports up to 3 endpoints now.



Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik

SVP Marketing at Synergy SKY

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