SKC Twist, a new scalable and secure video conferencing solution launched by service provider SKC uses Synergy SKY’s comprehensive multi-vendor, multi-tenant management solutions for unified collaboration.

SKC Twist is a scalable and secure cloud-based video conferencing solution providing virtual meeting rooms for an unlimited number of users.

It has been designed by SKC to simplify video communication and allows conference participants to share audio, video, and documents across a number of different platforms, such as WebRTC, SIP, and H.323 systems, with no downloads or additional plugins. It also works with Lync, Jabber, and Real Presence.

 “We designed SKC Twist with an absolute focus on user-friendliness and flexibility. Not only can users join from basically any terminal and any platform without any special training. But from a management perspective we have also made it possible to implement SKC Twist either on-site, in the cloud, or as a hybrid between the two,” said Jeff Holton, CTO of SKC.

Users join SKC Twist simply by clicking on a link and they can use everything from a room-based telepresence solution to an easy-to-use app on their smartphones to connect. Also, SKC Twist does not require a prohibitive investment before people can get collaborate – instead, it is a pay-as-you-grow model promoting organizations to make sure everyone is able to join without any upfront investment.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with SKC on their Twist offering. This type of solution is definitely the future of unified communications and I am convinced that this will spark mass adoption of visual communication and content sharing as part of people’s everyday life,” commented Tolga Sakman, VP Americas for Synergy SKY in New York. “From Synergy SKY perspective, the SKC partnership is ideal, as SKC is both a provider of services using the Synergy SKY platform, but is also a reseller of the platform for on-premises deployments or hybrid environments,” concluded Sakman.

Synergy SKY recently launched version 3.0 of their multi-vendor, multi-platform management solution, bringing massive scalability to provisioning, with big data principles in mind. It is currently the industry’s only complete toolkit for Video as a Service (VaaS) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offerings.

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About SKC

SKC Communication Products, LLC designs, builds, and manages technology for enterprise collaboration using video, voice, and AV technologies so that you can communicate smarter and faster. Headquartered in Kansas City, SKC employs over 240 employees in 17 states nationwide with regional offices in Milwaukee, WI, Omaha, NE, Oklahoma City, OK, Dallas TX, and Rock Hill, SC.

Ståle Reitan

Written by Ståle Reitan

CEO and founder of Synergy SKY

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