New robust scheduling platform running on the Win Node supporting:

*Dynamic or static Pexip VMRs
*Dynamic (not static) Acano VMRs
*Auto dialout
*Exchange integration
*Meeting end notification
*Intuitive per-customer configuration using Provisioning Management Scheduling Template:

==== Active Directory Sync of users into Synergy SKY ====

It is now possible to add users to Synergy SKY by syncing them from Active Directory.
This is done using the AD Sync tool which is packaged with Synergy SKY and available under the install directory, for example: C:\SynergySky\ADSyncServiceConfig\SynergySKY-ADSyncServiceConfig.exe

==== Progress log for provisioning file import and apply configuration template to entities ====

The following processes have been rewritten to make them background jobs:
* Provisioning Portal > File import of users
* Provisioning Management > Apply template to entities

To view the progress of these background jobs, go to Administration > Background Jobs.

If the job fails, you will see log information stating where and why the failure occurred.

=== Improvements and changes in 4.6 ===

==== Matching of Acano client calls ====

In the MCU Conference List report, the conference name of matched Acano client calls has been changed from the Direct call GUID to the Display Name of the user's Acano client service.

==== File import of users - new requirement ====

When importing users to Synergy SKY in bulk using a csv file, it is now mandatory to include all 9 columns as follows:


The first 4 fields for each user must contain data; the ExtraAttribute fields can be empty, but must exist in the CSV file as column headings.

If you do not include all 9 columns you will see line errors in the UI when attempting to import the file.


New robust scheduling platform running on the win node supporting:

Together with Mercuri’s extensive collaboration portfolio and knowledgeable team, we look forward to a successful partnership

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