Synergy SKY’s success in the market is thanks to our certified Business Partners.

Our partners are the industry leaders within video conferencing services and they build powerful, easy-to-use conferencing solutions for their customers together with Synergy SKY.

Nobody did it better in 2017 than Office Management in Sweden. By offering the Synergy SKY Meeting Server to all their new and existing customers, they are making life easier for thousands of video conference-users and Skype-users.

To celebrate the best Client Representatives who made the most impact in 2017, Synergy SKY is now announcing the first winners of Synergy SKY Sales Champions. The price is awarded to individuals who most successfully were driving Synergy SKY-powered business, with excellent teaming both with customers and the SKY team.

2017 winners are Erik Henrysson and Niclas Eriksson!

Congratulations and thank you for a fantastic year! 

Hans Kalderin, Sales Director Synergy SKY

Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik

SVP Marketing at Synergy SKY

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