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“Vive la Liberté” in collaboration!

By Vemun Waksvik on Jun 4, 2018 11:27:47 AM

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Join us in welcoming Gäel to the team, as Regional Sales Manager in France

Thanks to our partners and alliances we have seen a rapid adoption of our solutions in France. After an intro week in Oslo, Gäel has already built a good pipe for his first quarter.

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Gäel is well known in the French collaboration market and has experience from Arkadin and Comiris and others.

Gäel believes the market potential for Synergy SKY in France is great as there is few organizations who have standardized on one single communication platform. “It isn't typical French to standardize” he ironically chuckles 😉

Besides his passion for better collaboration, Gäel is a seasoned gourmet who loves a good meal with friends and family

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Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik