Synergy SKY will support Collaboration Squared in delivering their cloud-based collaboration solution Ubiety.

Ubiety is the first service from Collaboration Squared, which was founded by industry veterans Daryl Hutchings and Stephen Sevastopulo in 2014.

The goal was to design a powerful and user-friendly all-in-one cloud video-web-phone conferencing and collaboration solution that interoperates video conference endpoints from personal to room to immersive, Desktops, Tablets, Mobile, all browsers, Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber and global phone dial that can scale to any size of participants per call.

“With Ubiety we provide a completely new way of communicating and collaborating anywhere, anytime, on any device, with unrivaled video and audio quality which previously was unimaginable. Delivering our service in the cloud for low cost, unlimited usage on month-to-month contracts makes our service attainable for any sized business to enable rich collaboration today. To make this possible, we are working with the best technology partners in the industry like Synergy SKY,” said Daryl Hutchings, CEO of Collaboration Squared. “The multi-tiered tenant structure of Synergy SKY allows us to offer a turnkey solution for our reseller Service Provider partners and customers including online provisioning, account management, utilization reporting, and branding,” concluded Hutchings.

Using technology from Synergy SKY to provision their Acano-based Virtual Meeting Rooms and software clients for customers allows Collaboration Squared to focus on service delivery rather than backend database and API management.

Synergy SKY provides provisioning, monitoring, and analytics for Ubiety service, customized for each reseller and end-user organization by access level permissions.

The tight integration between Synergy SKY and their Acano infrastructure allows Collaboration Squared to set up profiles for hosts vs. guests, all using the same infrastructure. With mass provisioning capabilities, each Ubiety user gets a Virtual Meeting Room with multiple access methods, all set up using the set of rules Collaboration Squared has in place to comply with touch tones/DTMF used for phone-only environments.

“Using Synergy SKY, Collaboration Squared is able to quickly jump ahead of the game and provide Ubiety on many different platforms through one easy-to-use user interface, total control, and an unlimited number of users. Our support for on-premise infrastructure management from a variety of vendors truly differentiates Ubiety in its ability to offer pure cloud or hybrid cloud offerings to fit its customers’ needs. And with our pay-as-you-grow model, Collaboration Squared did not have to make a massive investment up front,” said Tolga Sakman, VP Americas at Synergy SKY.

As a Synergy SKY customer, Collaboration Squared will be able to take advantage of future software upgrades for even tighter integration into their Acano platform as that platform continues to develop, more customization for their resellers and customers, and an overall more differentiated solution from their competition in the hosted video-web-audio conferencing space.

About Collaboration Squared

Collaboration Squared is a new global conferencing and collaboration service provider with offices in New York, London, Singapore, and Sydney. Ubiety, the first core offering is a cloud collaboration platform that takes the interoperability of video conferencing, web collaboration, and phone conferencing to an unprecedented new level with a simplified intuitive user interface. 

Ståle Reitan

Written by Ståle Reitan

CEO and founder of Synergy SKY

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