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Back to Basic, “B2B”, Pär is back

By Vemun Waksvik on Dec 11, 2017 10:06:49 AM

Topics: New Hire Sales

Pär Svensson, the co-founder of Visual Conference Group (VCG) and Synergy SKY’s biggest investor, is back in business.
Pär Svensson

Or back to basic as he likes to call it. Since he sold his company VCG to Interoute he has been investing time and money in different projects. One of the investments has been Synergy SKY where he has served as the chairman of the board.

”I just could not hold my operational spirit away from the Synergy business, when I see what Synergy SKY can achieve – we are actually relevant in every organization with video as a collaboration tool!” he enthusiastically states. He will now take on a 100% position as Senior Advisor in sales.

Pär started his collaboration history in TANDBERG in 1999 and then started VCG in 2002. Since the start of the business, VCG was awarded the TANDBERG award for Excellence year after year. VCG grew to a pure video as a service provider with almost 100 employees and became no. 1 in Europe.

Vemun Waksvik

Written by Vemun Waksvik

SVP Marketing at Synergy SKY

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