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Instead of manually connecting video conference systems to Skype For Business meetingsā€¦

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Synergy SKY Meeting Server

New technologies have made it possible for enterprise collaboration solutions to work seamlessly together. Today Skype users and Video Conferencing users participate in joint meetings as standard, with high-quality video, audio and content sharing. There are still some challenges, however, when it comes to the user experience.

Joining a meeting using Skype is easy, but the Video Conference user has to dial the meeting address from a video touch pad or a remote control. It may not even be possible to dial the address from an endpoint if the meeting is hosted in Office365 (Skype Online). Automating the connection process is therefore of great value to organizations.

Synergy SKY Meeting Server solves this by automatically connecting Video Conferencing systems to Skype meetings using Cisco One Button To Push (OBTP). The end-user simply schedules a New Skype Meeting in Outlook and adds the required Video Conferencing systems. Synergy SKY Meeting Server manages the connection and brings the OBTP information to the video endpoint. This removes the risk of typing errors, and ensures that all meetings start on time.

Synergy SKY Meeting Server can be installed through a Windows Installer or shipped as an appliance with a simple setup wizard that enables quick deployment.

The solution supports on-premises installations of Skype and Microsoft Exchange as well as Office 365.

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What's the deal?

  • Free Synergy Meeting Server for up to 3 video systems
  • Applicable to all new and existing Pexip customers


  • Value add to Pexip GW
  • OBTP for all Cisco end points
  • Auto Dial Out to other end points

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